Who We Are

Butterfly Effect is an educational enterprise dedicated to raising lifelong learners: unique individuals who sustain their eagerness to learn, discover and use their knowledge, skills, passions and dispositions to excel in life.


It’s simple really. We believe two things. Firstly, each one of us is inherently eager to learn about things that stir our imagination. Secondly, we are all capable of discovering, understanding and using ideas, knowledge and skills to develop self and community.

What We Do

We create personalized educative programmes to raise lifelong learners. Our current programmes are:

  • The Primary Experience
  • Inspired By You
  • The Courage to Lead

The Primary Experience

The Primary Experience is an educational programme that supports primary schools to sustain each child’s capacity to imagine, create and make a positive impact in life. We offer a unique k1-6 curriculum, learner-centered approach to learning, teaching and assessment, inquiry based approach to professional development and a family centered approach to school culture.

Inspired By You

“Inspired By You” is an educational programme for individuals to develop effective communication skills as they make and share stories with each other. This programme begins with a summer experience to equip interested students with the skills and experiences to plant Inspired By You storytelling clubs in their schools. These clubs, once launched, will form a network of interested individuals all over the country who will entertain, inspire, learn from and make connections with each other as they make and share real life stories.

The Courage to Lead

The Courage to Lead is a yearlong leadership immersion programme for student leadership bodies in Ghanaian schools.  It has been designed to equip and inspire student leadership bodies to undergo a journey of continuous self-discovery, deliberate practice, collaboration and purpose in their roles and beyond.