Meet the Team


The people that lead us
I want to live in a world where what people were thinking was written out on their forehead and traffic didn’t exist.

As the co-founder of BE, I have been adequately equipped for this role. Through community literacy and education projects with the G-Project charity, the African Leadership Academy and Hult Business School, I have gained expansive experience and knowledge as well as recognition in the area of education and youth community development.

Butterfly effect is the perfect intersection of my passions, experiences and the crippling educational deficit in Ghana. That alone, is reason to be excited at the start of each work day

I want to live in a world where youth love using what they learn and love to do to develop themselves and their own communities. My experience working with African Community Education and Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) has been pivotal in providing necessary skills in youth development to live out this desire.

As co-founder of Butterfly Effect, I have the opportunity to use my knowledge as a Psychology Major with a double minor in Management and Entrepreneurship to live out two of my favorite mottos: "Knowledge in the Service of Africa" and "Challenge Convention Change the world".

Being the light of the world means different things to everyone, for me, founding Butterfly Effect is my way.


The people that teach us
I would paint education ORANGE. Orange stimulates creativity, mental activity and conversation. It evokes fun, adventure, and creates a sociable, warm and friendly learning environment- the right atmosphere for learning to take place.
I would paint education GREEN because our education system needs growth and balance to make us creative in solving the challenges we face in the world.

I would paint education YELLOW because for it to have an impact in Africa, there has to be room for creativity and optimism.

I would paint education RED, because "EDUCATION, indeed, is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Education is danger to ignorance; it is freedom to the shackles of the human mind.

Recognize our Impact

The students who inspire us
Age: 14
Interests: Inventions
Gideon reflects: “What I can do now and couldn’t do before was to bring my imaginations to life. I had a lot of big imaginations on things that can help the environment and thought I could not do them. But now I have brought one idea to life and I am happy about that. The ideas in my head are not useless.“
Age: 14
Interests: Literacy
Jemima reflects: “I learnt that I have talents and I want to bring it out for everyone to know what I can do. Sometimes I feel like I am nobody and I don’t deserve anything but I begin to realise that everyone is important including me and I can do something.“

Age: 15
Interests: Journalism
Benedicta reflects: “I have learnt so many things about myself . I want to be a journalist so I must overcome my shyness. There were many challenges we faced in launching a school magazine and at many points we wanted to give up but I learnt that nothing good comes easy.

Age: 15
Interests: Journalism
Gloria reflects: "I’m now a better public speaker and can now better tackle the problems in my community. I’ve also improved my talents and overcome my stage fright."